How to get the latest OS image in your Azure deployment scripts

Get-AzureVMImage | where-object { $_.Label -like "Windows*" } | where { $_.Location.Split(";") -contains "West US"} | Sort-Object -Property PublishedDate | Format-List PublishedDate, Label, ImageName


via How to make sure you always have the latest OS image in your Azure deployment scripts – The Windows HPC Team Blog – Site Home – TechNet Blogs. This is a trap for new players that can have you pulling your hair out!



Here’s a slightly different bit of code, especially helpful if you happen to know the OS you want.  This makes it a re-usable function, so for a complex script that needed to create multiple VMs, you could call this as needed, adjusting for what OS you needed each time. In the example below, the function is called to populate a variable, $winimage, that would be used somewhere else in the script to create an Azure VM.

function getLatestVMImage($imageFamily)
    $images = Get-AzureVMImage |
    where { $_.ImageFamily -eq $imageFamily } |
    Sort-Object -Descending -Property PublishedDate
    $latestImage = $images[0].ImageName
    return $latestimage

$winimage = getLatestVMImage(“Windows Server 2012 Datacenter”)

Very Slick! Thank you Enrique Lima for sending this around.

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