Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Joy! Joy! Joy!

If you’re interested in Microsoft’s cloud offerings, then you’ve probably been aware that they have been building two Australia datacentres for their cloud services (Azure and Office365). The good news is that they went live over the weekend. You can now choose Australia East and Australia Southeast as Azure locations. Now, what this will mean for NZ based Azure clients remains to be seen. Time will tell how services hosted in these datacentres will perform, especially around provisioning and management. If you’ve spent any time with Azure you’re aware that not all datacentres are created equal, or at least they don’t appear that way. I’m hoping that response is closer to what I get when I use US/Europe locations and less like what I get when I use Asia locations.

But before all you down under cloud subscribers rush out to change the location of your storage accounts, vms, services etc., remember that not all parts of Azure get rolled out across all locations at the same time. Here’s a quick example.  Below you can see that I ran the get-azurevmimage PowerShell cmdlet to see what VM images are available to me to create virtual machines. I didn’t really care what the images are, I just wanted to see how many there were.  Then I ran the command again and added a filter to make sure that I only included images that are available in either of the two Australia locations.  There’s about a third of the VM Images that are not available in the Australia locations.

Now, what exactly does this mean for you? It depends. Maybe nothing. Maybe everything. But it might be worth taking a look around the details of the resources and features before you start moving stuff over willy-nilly. Doubly so if you are script and preview feature dependent in your Azure consumption. Measure twice, cut once.

However, on the whole I think this will be a good think for Microsoft’s cloud customers in this neck of the woods. For both technical and non-technical reasons. To find out how Microsoft NZ thinks this will benefit NZ customers, click here:








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